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How Myers-Briggs changed my freelance writing business

From biological anthropologist Helen Fischer’s Why Him? Why Her? to 5 Love Languages, I love a good personality test.  But my all-time favorite is Myers-Briggs. I first took the official version of the test in college at age 15, and my results have stayed consistent for 15


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Back to Africa: the Worst of Times

Sorting through photos and reading Karmen’s stories about our Africa trip made me realize just how tough it was during that first week of travel. I honestly wasn’t sure we were going to make it. Endless days. Sleepless nights. We

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Downton Abbey, secret male vice

Me: Well a good thing to do might be to set a date. Oh God. I just said “set a date” to you. I am SO SORRY. Like a point-of-no-return date. Him: I was like, “You mean like Lady Mary?”

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Alain de Botton’s TED Talk

I discovered Alain de Botton when I was like 15 and he was doing a book tour for How Proust Can Change Your Life that I caught on CSPAN. Of course I had never read Proust—I’d never even heard of

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Operation V-Day

Valentine’s Day didn’t suck this year! I am delighted. First, I learned all about 3-D printing during my morning walk (I listen to TED talks to keep me from collapsing from the utter boredom of walking alone around Grand Rapids).

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