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Dan Rather, outspoken on NPR’s Diane Rehm show

They say to be a great writer, read great writing. Well, if you’re a journalist, there’s also a lot of value in listening to great interviews. Diane Rehm’s interview with Dan Rather is truly one of the best. You can

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And the winner is… Noisette Academy

Last week I randomly discovered Noisette Academy’s lovely site while trying to find cute social media buttons for my sidebar. Though founder @Isa Maria had me at Pantone, I was delighted (and impressed) to see all @NoisetteAcademy does to help creative business

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Two nifty tools for freelance writers

Even though I’ve been writing for years, I often have trouble visualizing how long a story needs to be. Because editors—unlike Harry Potter’s Hogwarts professors who assign homework in parchment inches—tend to assign numbers of words, I’ve started using this

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What I learned today… and hope to learn during Blogathon 2012

This month I’ll be posting daily as part of WordCount’s 2012 Blogathon. I’ve definitely been looking forward to this event. Because I do so much writing for clients, sometimes it’s hard to prioritize with my own. In the month leading

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One Simple Way to Create a Green, Sustainable Future

Most people agree that a sustainable future will require changing how we do things now. Too bad no one can agree what exactly to change. David Owens, for example, critiques LEED building, solar panels, even the Sierra Club in his

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How Myers-Briggs changed my freelance writing business

From biological anthropologist Helen Fischer’s Why Him? Why Her? to 5 Love Languages, I love a good personality test.  But my all-time favorite is Myers-Briggs. I first took the official version of the test in college at age 15, and my results have stayed consistent for 15

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New Zealand’s Ocean’s 10

This post is my official entry for TckTckTck’s Rio Blogger Prize. Help me win by “liking” this post on their Facebook page. My goal is 500 “likes” by March 30, 2012. Today at the People’s Space, I met Elana Hawke and Rachel Ward, two

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