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A Light and stormy night

If the preponderance of stories opening with the line “it was a dark and stormy night” is any indication, this particular cocktail—traditionally made with ginger syrup and rum—should be a writer’s favorite. But it’s not much of a springtime drink.

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Down the rabbit hole: urban farms, Cory Doctorow and language construction

Today was a wonderful restful day that included a four-mile walk around the lake and a long fall down what Maria Popova has called the “rabbit hole of discovery.” In no particular order, here are a few of the items I

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The Marketing hack I used to break into travel writing

Daunted by the masthead? Trying to break into magazines produced by a multi-pub conglomerate? You could literally spend days researching yourself silly before you finally click “send” on your LOI or query. Or you could try this shortcut: Email other

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No Impact Man, the movie

I just came back from a screening on No Impact Man. I read the book a while ago and loved it, and for once was not disappointed by a movie version. My big takeaway: no matter how low-impact or frugal

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Put your pics to work: 4 Ways to spice up your site with photos

Since going premium, I’ve been exploring LinkedIn’s groups more—especially ones where I can get an inside view on the industries I write for and about. I’m not exactly in every group’s industry. But marketing myself and writing about the green, travel

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