A Light and stormy night

If the preponderance of stories opening with the line “it was a dark and stormy night” is any indication, this particular cocktail—traditionally made with ginger syrup and rum—should be a writer’s favorite.

But it’s not much of a springtime drink. So my friend Michelle, who writes Table Without Borders, brewed up a stiff adult bevvie we’re calling the Light and Stormy. Use what’s on hand and get creative with these decidedly inexact measurements:

3 oz. muscato or champagne

1 oz. rum

1/2 inch fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced thin

Juice of half an orange

Dash of ginger ale, to taste

Ice cubes

Photo by Ruth Terry

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3 comments on “A Light and stormy night
  1. shelswift says:

    Oh Ruthie!
    In-exact measurements are the best ;)
    Cheers to a light and stormy night

    • Ruth Terry says:

      Thanks! We’ll have to continue the mixology for the Food + Beverage section of Freestyle :) I think this calls for another round of mixology and cookie making!

  2. Ruth Terry says:

    What are you doing up, missy?! Tell Jess I’m making her NYT cookies this weekend—and doing my corn starch straightener!

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