No Impact Man, the movie

I just came back from a screening on No Impact Man. I read the book a while ago and loved it, and for once was not disappointed by a movie version. My big takeaway: no matter how low-impact or frugal I think I’m being, there is always room for improvement. Which is why I’m currently Googling natural hair care products I can make at home.

In addition to cosmetics, Colin (No Impact Man) and his wife Michelle were able to reduce the impact of their jobs by riding bikes to the office, eliminating coffee-fueled writing sessions and, later in the experiment, charging Colin’s laptop using solar power.

Now I get that it’s easier to green your workstyle if you’re writing a book about it. Still, as a freelance writer, I found myself a bit convicted. There are numerous ways that I could be more eco-conscious—or even just more conscious about the tools of my trade. I don’t think twice about the paper I use, the disposable pens, the batteries to power my mouse… Shame on me.

Work is probably one of the hardest areas to green, especially in a traditional office setting, because it seems to be the last place we question whether or not we really the things we use to do our jobs. If you’ve had success in this area, drop me a line in the comments and share how you’re reducing your impact at work.

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