Through Kitengela’s looking glass

Kitengala_18 by Ruth Terry
Hanging chandelier made from eyeglass lenses. From a Flickr set by Ruth Terry.

Located just outside Nairobi, Kenya, a visit to Kitengela Glass is like falling down the rabbit hole to another world. Artists repurpose unused glass from construction sites and industrial suppliers to make functional art and whimsical sculptures—a creative upcycling of materials that’s as sustainable as the end results are beautiful. And nothing goes to waste: shards of broken glass form whimsical mosaic patterns on pathways, decorate the walls of staff quarters and guest bungalows, and tile a Gaudí-esque guest pool. The gift shop even sells “unicas“—reasonably priced blown glass pieces that didn’t quite match the others in their sets.

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3 comments on “Through Kitengela’s looking glass
  1. Anselm Croze says:

    Hi Ruth

    Came across your blog.

    Glad you liked our place.

    Spelling KitengEla :-)


    • Ruth Terry says:

      Thanks for reading, Anselm! I changed the spelling on my blog and in Flickr. By the way, also connected with Nani this week via e-mail. I’m going to an article about Kitengela to a few magazines. Hopefully, I’ll have good news for you soon!

  2. shelswift says:

    Love, love, love the new profile pic and curls so BEAUTIFUL!

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