Downton Abbey, secret male vice

Today my affectionate dating partner and I had a serious breach of trust. During a g-chat about figuring out dates and details for my (as yet tentative) return to Africa this Spring, he accidentally let his indiscretion slip...

Well a good thing to do might be to set a date. Oh God. I just said “set a date” to you. I am SO SORRY. Like a point-of-no-return date.

Him: I was like, “You mean like Lady Mary?”

Me: Ooh maybe one of us should design a color-coded flow chart. Lady Mary?

Him: Nothing!

Me: Did you just spoil a plot point! Did you leap ahead?!

Him: Nope.

Me: You did! You leapt!

Him: …But I didn’t spoil a plot point, it was just a general statement about how they set dates.

Me: But you leapt ahead and watched where you were not to watch!

Him: And I would call it a reluctant shuffle, not a leap.

Me: What season are you on!

Him: There are only 2 seasons. And we were on season 2 when we paused.

Me: I know! I’m looking up the episode list right now. You have leapt beyond us haven’t you?

Him: Shuffled…

Me: We were on Episode 4, I think.

Him: Reluctantly…

Me: Oh honey. This is very bad.

Him: No, no, I did it for us!

Me: Trust is the founda… WHAT?!

Him: Ok, I can’t actually think of a reason that would be true.

Me: What episode are you on?

Him: We may be on episode 7… :-/

Me: My jaw literally just dropped.

Him: I blame B___!

Me: I wish this hadn’t happened. Now it’s harder for me to trust you… <shaking head sadly> Sigh.
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  1. shelswift says:

    I did not see that, “him” has liked this post yet!

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