Back to Africa: My First Week in Kenya

One of the first cultural differences we noticed at the caravan pre-conference was the absolutely in-defatiguable enthusiasm of the African participants. They take absolutely every opportunity to break into lively song and dance—regardless of the hour (thank God for earplugs!) or how little sleep they’ve had. In a group of high-energy people, the South Africans stand out as particularly exuberant. They all have extraordinarily prominent voices, boundless energy and appear to be completely inexhaustible. I can’t wait until we reach South Africa; if our new friends are any indication, Durban and Johannesberg have to be two of the most intense cities in the world. Here are a few candid shots of our fellow We Have Faith campaigners in action.

First published Nov. 3, 2011 by We Have Faith Media. Photo by Karmen Meyer

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One comment on “Back to Africa: My First Week in Kenya
  1. […] many places outside the work-crazed United States, nap time still comes first. During my caravan in Africa, many of my fellow campers kept a round-the-clock schedule, sleeping an hour or two at a time over […]

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