Hey, Y’all… Help Me Pimp My Theme

The other day I bought a Custom Design upgrade, intending to simply change the fonts and add some color to my site. Then I saw all the beautiful new themes WordPress has now.

With my newfound ability to change fonts, colors and backgrounds, the possibilities are virtually limitless… and now I can’t decide on a theme. This has the potential to suck up quite a bit of my work time, so I’m leaving the choice to you, gentle readers.

Check out the screenshots below and cast your vote using the poll at the bottom of the page. You can also suggest ideas for personalizing the theme of your choice by leaving a comment below.

By the way, the look I’m going for is “Consummate, Yet Whimsical Professional”. If none of the following themes say that to you, feel free to suggest another (ideally free) theme, which you can select from here. Remember, most are tweakable.

#1 Wu Wei
This is what you’re looking at now. I like the simplicity and the fact that it tells you can see the number of comments on a post w/o scrolling down. Not sure it’s whimsical enough, though. Also, you’d never know that number related to comments if I hadn’t just told you.

#2 Chunk
Pros: Layout, teal, comment counter. Cons: Again, possible lack of whimsy.

#3 Pick Touch 2
Pros: Tons o’whimsy, nifty background, font mix, nifty little banners, different post formats. Cons: No comment counter, maybe a little too girly…?

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2 comments on “Hey, Y’all… Help Me Pimp My Theme
  1. Ruth Terry says:

    Ooh, just found this comment Elaine left via Polldaddy:

    Elaine – 15 hours ago
    Even though Pink Touch 2 does not have the counter, it still is more “Ruth-like” than the others. Maybe you can send feedback to the vendor and ask them to put a counter on that layout?

  2. Ruth Terry says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for the comment. With the custom upgrade, I (well, probably my programmer friend) can change the CSS, so maybe I could add a counter somehow.

    Now that I have content on my blog, I’m starting to like Wu Wei again, though I’m not a huge fan of the orange… I’ll have to think a little more before I cast my own vote :)

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